Peter Elikann

Peter Elikann is a Boston-based criminal defense attorney, bar leader, on-air expert legal commentator, college instructor and author. He has been named a Super Lawyer of New England and Massachusetts for the last 12 years.


His previous books include Superpredators: The Demonization of Our Children by the Law and The Tough On Crime Myth: Real Solutions to Cut Crime. He has written more than 85 articles for legal publications, has lectured nationwide on criminal justice policy, regularly runs educational programs for other lawyers and testifies on important legal legislation. He was an expert trial commentator for the Court TV Network for 15 years and currently does regular on-air expert legal commentary for the Boston 25 News channel. In 2019 alone, he did interviews or made appearances 69 times on television, radio, and newspapers.


Attorney Elikann teaches criminal law at Bridgewater State University.


Attorney Elikann currently serves on the Massachusetts Special Commission to Study the Criminal Justice System. Other groups include the Massachusetts Superior Court Sentencing Working Group (instituted by Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Ralph Gants); the Massachusetts Permanent Legislative Civil Infractions Commission; the Legislative Working Group on Juvenile Life Sentences; and the editorial board of the Massachusetts Law Review.


He is also an at-large delegate to the House of Delegates and member of the Executive Management Board of the Massachusetts Bar Association (MBA) and was chairman of both the MBA’s Criminal Justice Section Council and the General Practice Solo and Small Firm Section Council.

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Attorney Elikann’s Approach to Criminal Defense

Not everyone who is charged with a crime is an incorrigible “criminal type.” Often a good citizen makes a one-time foolish error in judgment. Sometimes a person is started on the wrong path because of either a drug or alcohol problem or because of mental health issues. Attorney Elikann will always explore possibilities of seeking treatment or other avenues in order to avoid conviction or imprisonment if the potential for success at trial looks unlikely. He is a nationally recognized expert on alternatives to incarceration who writes and speaks across the country on this topic. However, he is an experienced trial attorney who has tried often difficult cases in federal court and a variety of states and is ready to use forensic psychologists, private investigators, DNA, fingerprint and handwriting experts as well as crime scene analysts. Attorney Elikann has a reputation for being easy for his clients to be in frequent contact. Only he is personally involved with and will be working on your case. Attorney Elikann will be a well-prepared very experienced zealous advocate for you, but, will always be open to your input. Although his experienced advice will help you make difficult decisions, ultimately, you have the final say as it is your life that is concerned.

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