Attorney Peter Elikann is a nationally recognized expert on juvenile crime. His book, Superpredators: The Demonization of Our Children By the Law, when first published, was featured on the front table of every Barnes and Noble and Borders bookstore in the United States. He has written numerous articles on youth crime and has been asked to give keynote speeches on youth crime across the country to countless organizations from a conference of all juvenile judges in California to a conference of all youth public defenders in Wisconsin. He is frequently interviewed on television and radio or for newspapers on juvenile cases.


A juvenile court in Massachusetts is unlike a court that handles adult cases where the procedures and penalties can be very different. Although, frequently, the court tries to operate with the best interests of the child in mind, there still can be serious consequences including incarceration of the child. But even if being taken into custody is not an issue, such other penalties as simply receiving a criminal record could hurt a child’s future even before he has a chance to eventually make his real start in life. Also, increasingly, for the more serious offenses, juvenile cases are being transferred to the adult system where young people can receive the same sentence (including a possible life sentence) depending on the crime.


When possible, Attorney Elikann emphasizes trying to find alternatives to the more severe penalties in favor of getting a young person help in trying to turn his life around.


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