With the increased use of the Internet as more and more people have access to computers than just a few years ago, the number of people charged with internet crimes has exploded. Some offenders are lulled into thinking that such violations of the law may be anonymous and difficult to trace. But law enforcement is undergoing rigorous training in these areas; entire federal and state task forces have sprung up nationally and in the New England and Massachusetts region that have become increasingly adept in tracking down offenders.


People are being charged with the illegal use of the internet to commit such offenses as

  • Child pornography
  • Credit card fraud
  • Soliciting minors
  • Electronic stalking
  • Illegal downloads
  • Hacking
  • Identity theft
  • Selling non-existent or illegally obtained goods
  • Spamming
  • Planting spyware
  • Internet gambling
  • Hate websites

Not all criminal defense attorneys handle internet cases, as it takes a lawyer with a particular expertise and experience. Attorney Elikann has that background and vast experience in the internet and, if needed, will bring in a team of forensic experts on every aspect of the charge since there are numerous technical aspects.

Boston Cyber Crime Attorney, Peter Elikann

Attorney Elikann is a veteran criminal defense attorney for more than 30 years who has educated the public and the profession on the war on drugs and how to lower the crime rate through writing books and more than 50 articles on the law; through keynote speeches across the United States; and through literally thousands of appearances on television and radio as a legal analyst. He has been selected as a Super Lawyer of Massachusetts and New England during the last four years.


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