Violent crimes draw more constant attention from the media than any other crimes and are justifiably the object of the public’s greatest anger. The most experienced prosecutors are assigned to these cases and therefore, to keep a level playing field particularly for the innocent who are accused, one should have a very experienced attorney.


These accusations must be aggressively challenged and defended every step of the way by a zealous advocate. However, in the cases where the charges appear unlikely to be successfully defended, this is where Attorney Peter Elikann’s national reputation in negotiating alternatives to incarceration is best used. Alternative punishments that avoid jail, but where the life of the accused can be turned around for the better, can be considered. But, this is not to say that he will not tirelessly and aggressively take the case to trial and fight it every step of the way when it is defensible.


Among the violent crimes, Attorney Elikann will aggressively defend against are:

Armed RobberyTheft by force or threat of force involving a weapon.
ArsonIntentionally setting fire to property either for malicious reasons such as intimidation or revenge or as an attempt to fraudulently obtain money.
Assault Either placing someone in reasonable fear of imminent bodily injury or an attempt or threat to.
Assault and BatteryAn intentional touching that is harmful and offensive without justification or excuse.
Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous WeaponAn intentional touching of someone else with a dangerous weapon.
Assault with Intent to MurderAssaulting someone with the specific intent of causing death.
BatteryPhysical contact that is intended to harm someone.
CarjackingPhysical contact that is intended to harm someone.
Domestic ViolenceAny abuse either physical, sexual or even of just a threat alleged to have been committed against a current spouse or a former spouse; any family member or former family member; a boyfriend or a girlfriend; or an ex-boyfriend or an ex-girlfriend.
ExtortionTo illegally force someone to give you something, especially money, by threatening them.
Firearms ChargesAny unlawful activity involving a firearm.
Home InvasionAnyone who enters the home of someone else, having reason to know that someone is home and remains in the home while armed with a dangerous weapon, and uses or threatens force upon someone in the home.
KidnappingSeizing and forcing someone with the intent that they either be confined against their will or sent out of the state without the authority to do so.
MayhemAssaulting a person with the specific intent to maim or disfigure using a weapon or dangerous substance and, in fact, disfiguring, crippling or causing permanent physical injury.
RobberyTheft by force or threat of force.
Road RageAggressive, violent behavior exhibited by drivers in traffic, often as a manifestation of stress, that creates an extreme potential of danger.
Sex CrimesAny illegal sex act including such things as possession of child pornography; indecent exposure: child molestation; indecent assault and battery; prostitution; rape; statutory rape; lewd conduct.

Attorney Peter Elikann has a long track record of results on charges of violent crimes.


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