All consultations concerning these kinds of offenses, even an initial brief first telephone conversation are, of course, confidential. Sex crimes are among the most serious and explosive of all crimes and the penalties can be as severe as those for some kinds of homicide. Not only is there the possibility of decades of incarceration for some crimes along with lifetime community parole, but, even if one is not incarcerated, there is the possibility of just the stigma following one in a way that will affect their career and their family. This is particularly so in that one might be required to sign up for the Sex Offender Registry that could help inform and advise the community about their prior sex charges years after they occurred. Almost more than any other crime, sex charges have the greatest potential to radically affect the rest of your life. Attorney Elikann has handled an exceptionally high number of these kinds of offenses and is very experienced in the technicalities of the sex crime defense in Boston.

Defends the following types of sex crimes in Massachusetts:

He has led and chaired educational programs where other attorney are taught about these laws and has written about sex laws extensively. But most important he has aggressively fought them in the courtroom. If you need representation for charges on any sex offense, contact Attorney Peter Elikann for a 100 % private and confidential consultation. Contact Attorney Elikann for a private and confidential consultation about any sex charge matter at 617-742-9462. He also represents people before the Sex Offender Registry Board.

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