White collar crime is a catch-all phrase for a variety of frauds, schemes, and commercial offenses by businesspersons, corporations, public officials, office workers or sales personnel. It includes a broad range of nonviolent offenses that have cheating as their central element. Among such white collar crimes are embezzlement, consumer fraud, bribery, stock manipulation, false advertising, bribery, unfair competition, tax evasion, and unfair labor practices. It can be as minor as a store or company employee with access to a business checkbook writing out checks to him or herself without authorization.


In the past, frequently, white collar crimes were prosecuted only sporadically, perhaps because the company wanted to keep itself out of the public eye or because great resources were required because of the complexity and sophistication of the crimes. That is definitely no longer the case. White collar crimes are prosecuted aggressively perhaps due to the increasing public awareness of the huge social and economic costs such corrupt practices might cause.

Boston White Collar Defense Attorney, Peter Elikann

Due to the very complexity that sometimes makes white collar crimes difficult to prove, there is a great deal a lawyer can do for someone suspected of committing a white collar crime particularly by bringing in a variety of forensic investigators and financial experts as part of the defense team. However, if it appears unlikely that the case can be won outright, Attorney Peter Elikann has, in the past, brought in forensic psychologists and others to try to educate the court as to what factors in one’s otherwise good life might have caused them to commit this one time aberrant act and, as a result, get some degree of understanding and leniency from the court.


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