Arson is the act of deliberately and intentionally setting fire to property either for malicious reasons such as intimidation or revenge or as an attempt to fraudulently obtain money. But the potential punishments go way beyond what one would expect for the destruction of property because arson presents such a threat to the safety of others. That is why it is often considered not just a crime against property, but also a violent crime against people.

Boston Arson Defense Attorney, Peter Elikann

The nature of arson cases is that they frequently do not involve an arrest on the scene, but rather the criminal charges are issued after an investigation. Both insurance companies and law enforcement have enormous resources and experience in expertly and scientifically investigating arson cases. That is why it is important to hire an attorney experienced in arson cases at the first sign that you are being investigated as a suspect. Attorney Elikann has access to every kind of forensic and scientific expert to potentially counter the allegations made against you.


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