Massachusetts has some of the toughest gun laws in the United States. Some of the charges carry with them a mandatory period of incarceration. For example, carrying a firearm without a license, whether concealed or not concealed, carries with it an inflexible sentence of at least 18 months in jail. That means that, if found guilty, even if the judge wanted to grant some degree of leniency and not impose jail or prison time, the judge would be powerless to do so since all discretion has been taken out of his or her hands.


There are numerous other weapons that some citizens aren’t even aware are illegal to possess such as a double-edged knife, a sling shot, a stiletto or nunchuks.


But there are a variety of defense to guns and weapons charges including such efforts as getting the case dismissed because it was found through an illegal search; or winning the case at trial as it is not possible to prove that the accused possessed the gun or even knew of its existence; or perhaps, through negotiation, the charge can be modified to a lesser charge with a less severe penalty.

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Some of the defenses are complex and technical and you need a veteran criminal defense attorney experienced in representing people accused of violating gun laws.


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