Domestic violence is any abuse either physical, sexual or even of just a threat alleged to have been committed against a current spouse or a former spouse; any family member or former family member; a boyfriend or a girlfriend; or an ex-boyfriend or an ex-girlfriend.


It’s a crime where, even if the alleged victim doesn’t want to press charges, the police are inflexibly mandated to make an arrest on the slightest allegation.

Boston Domestic Violence Accusation Defense Attorney

There are very harsh consequences to a conviction such as incarceration, an order removing one from their home or loss of employment.


Years ago, domestic violence wasn’t taken seriously and police often ignored it preferring that family matters remain private even if one of the parties remained in grave danger. But today it is taken with grave seriousness. It is absolutely vital that such laws remain in place to protect innocent vulnerable victims, however, there are people who have brought false charges to manipulate this law that is an otherwise life-saving necessity. An angry ex-spouse or irritated family member can make a complaint knowing that just their mere fabrication of an allegation will result in an automatic arrest.


More than most charges, it is urgent that you bring aboard an experienced domestic violence attorney right away since the charges themselves can be used as immediate leverage for child custody, a restraining order or removal from home. Also, since the safety of the alleged victim is of such paramount concern to law enforcement and the prosecution, they tend to move quickly without delay.


Attorney Elikann has been a member of the bar for almost 30 years and has represented those accused of domestic violence in every situation and set of circumstances imaginable.


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