Attorney Elikann has handled literally thousands of drug cases on ever level from high profile federal drug cases across the country to the smallest marijuana possession charge in more than 60 local Massachusetts District Courts.


Some minor drug possession cases of accused people with little or no prior criminal record can be resolved easily possibly without receiving a conviction or guilty finding.


Even more major cases can sometimes be resolved with creative sentencing such as getting someone substance abuse or psychological treatment in lieu of incarceration.


Additionally, the majority of drug crimes can be challenged before trial on legal grounds— quite often that the drugs were found through an illegal search. Such illegal searches are challenged through what is called a motion to suppress. If the court can be convinced that drugs or some other illegal item were discovered by the police through illegal means, you can then get a ruling that, whatever was found, must be thrown out and cannot be used at trial. Therefore, most likely, the charges will be dismissed.


You need zealous representation in a drug case because the penalties can be severe. Many of the crimes, such as drug trafficking and school zone violations, come with mandatory minimum sentences. In a case where, let’s say, the mandatory minimum sentence is 15 years, even if a judge wanted to go lenient on you, the very least sentence the judge could give you would be 15 years with no good time or parole permitted. Additionally, a guilty finding on even the smallest possession of marijuana case leads to the loss of a drivers license for no less than one year and, perhaps, many years. So, if you can’t settle the case without going to trial, then you need an experienced trial attorney to aggressively fight for you at trial.


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