Boston Defense Attorney Elikann’s Criminal Law Writings

Peter Elikann has 4 books which he has either authored or contributed a chapter to and had more than 85 articles published in legal publications making him, arguably, one of the most prolific legal writers in the United States Books authored by Attorney Elikann

  • Superpredators: The Demonization of Our Children By the Law, New York: Perseus Books
  • The Tough on Crime Myth: Real Solutions to Cut Crime, New York: Plenum Publishing,
  • Automobile Torts “The Intoxicated Driver”, Matthew-Bender Legal Publishers, (140p. chapter) 4 vol. set
  • Boston Tenant’s Guide to Housing, Boston University Publications

Attorney Elikann was asked to appear on 245 television and radio talk shows alone to discuss his two most recent books. Both the Barnes and Noble and Borders bookstore chains featured Superpredators on the front table of every one of their stores in the United States. Publisher’s Weekly described The Tough On Crime Myth: Real Solutions to Cut Crime as a “well-argued, passionate book.” Library Journal noted that his book, Superpredators: The Demonization of Our Children by the Law, ” . . . is well researched, straightforward, and unforgettable. Buy it, promote it, use it . . . ” More than 85 articles authored by Attorney Elikann published in legal publications

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