Once you’re listed on the Sex Offender Registry in Massachusetts and you’ve been given a classification level this is not the final word permanently etched in stone. If you’ve been designated as a Level 3 (high risk) or a Level 2 (moderate risk), you can, in the future, apply to get reclassified one or two levels lower all the way down to Level 1 (low risk).

However, a period of time must go by. You can apply to be reclassified every three years, provided that, if you were, in fact, incarcerated for the offense, you must have been released and out in the community for at least 5 years.

In order to apply for a reclassification, you must make the request in writing. Then you have a choice – either request an actual hearing before the board or simply submit in writing the reasons why it would be more accurate to place you at a lower classification level and include whatever documentation you have to offer.

The petitioner is required to show “changed circumstances” since the last time they were before the board for determination of their classification level.

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09/08/2022 by Said M. Umari

I been out of Jail since October 2010 and I never appealed my sex offender level 3. It's been 12 years since my release and trouble free. Want to hire somone to help me get this matter started and rolling. Feel free to call 413-275-0527.

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